Mass Vaccination Engagement

The CCG has undertaken extensive engagement across Devon on people’s views on the COVID-19 vaccine during December 2020, to understand motivations and barriers to vaccine uptake and where are the trusted information sources.

74% of people who responded to our survey indicated that they would like to receive a vaccine.

The audience was the population of Devon, with additional focus groups with people with autism and learning disabilities, and ethnic minority group.

Nearly 2,000 people have responded to the engagement and you can now access the full report by clicking the link below.

This is helping the communication planning and being able to respond to the need of the population by understanding the gaps in people’s information and the access to it. We will be taking the learning and recommendations from this work to support the continued roll out of the vaccine and drive uptake. 

Click here for our Mass vaccination engagement and insight full report – January 2021.

Click here for our Mass vaccination engagement and insight highlight report – January 2021