Innovative team helps couple to live life well

A Devon couple have praised a ‘wonderful’ new partnership between Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and Devon County Council, saying it has allowed them to ‘get on with their lives’.

The Live Life Well team is a group of health and care professionals who support people in their own homes.

Married couple, Ron, 85, and Jackie, 73, have lived together in Barnstaple for many years.

Now retired, Ron had worked in the Army as a fitness instructor so was used to being physically active and independent.

Ron’s mobility had decreased with age, meaning he was able to do less and was more reliant on Jackie to care for him.

Despite his mobility issues, Ron refused to any aids, such as grab handles and walking sticks/frames.

Jackie was struggling to cope at home, so called the social care team for support. Shortly after, the Live Life Well team met Jackie and Ron in their home.

“The most wonderful intervention”

Based in northern Devon, Live Life Well are a team of health and care professionals from Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and Devon County Council who work in partnership to improve people’s lives.

They recognised that traditional services, such as personal care, would not have brought about the changes Ron and Jackie wanted.

Instead, they helped Ron and Jackie understand what was important to them and what help they needed. This included helping Ron come to terms with his mobility issues.

As well as improving their lives, Ron and Jackie had fewer assessments, fewer referrals to other services, fewer people involved in their case and more face-to-face appointments.

Jackie said: “I think it’s the most wonderful intervention because somebody comes to you.”

Ron added: “I can get on with my life, get on with my understanding of what being 85 is.”