Question and Answers about the STP and Acute Services Review

The questions below represent real questions that have come through to the NHS from a variety of sources. We have conflated some questions where similar issues were raised. We will continue to update the list to reflect common queries, FAQ and issues that people raise with us. 

What is the STP?


Why is it important for people to know about this and be involved in the process?


What is the acute services review?


Does the plan to engage and consult people mean you are planning to close hospitals or services?


Is the remoteness of some of our communities being taken into account?


Why has there been such a focus on services being lost from North and South Devon?


How can we realistically expect to increase community services when there is difficulty recruiting staff?


Financial support for healthcare students has been taken away; do you have the power, scope and opportunity to operate independently in the Devon STP to counter this?


It appears that STPs across the country are working to arbitrary budgets give to them by government. Would it not be preferable to start from the position of need and work out what the costs will be for each STP?


Is this about saving money?


Why are you closing 600 beds?


Will there be enough beds left for winter pressures?


What are the next steps after these events?


Why did you only hold 12 events in limited areas during March 2017?


As Cornish Community Hospitals/MIUs close, patients will find it difficult to get from Launceston to Liskeard, at which point isn’t it likley that patients wont think about the boundaries of CCGs but will go straight to acute services in Plymouth?